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    Stop maintaining tasks - start being focused!

    You know all that productivity tools and "checklist managers"? You put a lot of work into maintaining your tasks and finally you no longer see the wood for the trees or your effort exceeds the benefits? Let's change this and think task management from scratch. Simple, intuitive & fast. Making the life easier and concentrate on what is really important - this is the vision of slanck.

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  • Just another task management tool?

    The question is completely justified - I asked it myself again and again. I worked with a number of tools over years but I never was happy enough to stay longer than a few month. But why? Nearly all tools allow me to define my own structure, the support checklists, reminders etc. But what was always missing: a meaningful visual structure based on an adequate methodological approach. That's the key of slanck. The additional possibility of arranging tasks in descriptive quadrants within a matrix leads to a significantly better visibility of what is really important - the same effort produces much more value than before!

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what slanck does

Slanck provides the right orientation for all your projects

Every project is different. But all have the same challenge - to stay on top of things. Slanck helps you to do the right things at the right time. Regardless of whether you need to prioritize things, organize yourself or track the progress of agile projects - slanck has a fitting template based on proven approaches.

“Finish the most important tasks and stop wasting time on irrelevant activities.” ― Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

benefits at a glance

proven approaches

The key for right priorities

Slanck uses established approaches such as a priority matrix or Eisenhower matrix to simplify you task management and derive the right decisions. Tasks are placed in one of four quadrants - slanck delivers a proposal on what to do with it. The result: focused work on the most beneficial activities!

All projects at one place

Manage all your projects at one single place in slanck. Work with different templates depending on the projects' purpose.

Deadlines in sight and mind

You will never miss a deadline anymore. Slanck automatically reminds you, if you run out of time.

Collaborate in team

Not everything needs to be done you. Share you work and be always in sync with your team. Concentrate on the tasks, that are most important for you.

Essentials at a glance

Think two seconds about whether a task is important, urgent, requires high effort or produces a high value. This arrangement lets you see the most important tasks at a glance!


Simple, intuitive & fast

Stop wasting time, this is the philosophy of slanck. And this already starts when managing your tasks, activities, notes or priorities itself. Therefore, we always focus on a simple and intuitive handling without any unnecessary interactions - no save buttons, no superfluous clicks, drag & drop everywhere!

Slanck in details

Managed tags

Tags are an important but at the same time lightweight instrument for marking specific tasks or setting relevant characteristics. Manage them for each project indepently - slanck takes care of their visual distinguishability.

Smart checklists

Several things to do for a task? Add a checklist with just one click and write down your checks like you would do it in Word. Check it when you're done, that's it. Just simple. 

Documents & files

Tasks, activities or notes often require additional documents such as Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Powerpoints etc. Just drag & drop them on the task and access them anywhere and anytime.

Calendar integration

You use Outlook, Thunderbird etc. as a calendar tool? Just load your scheduled tasks with only two clicks as a calendar into your tool and integrate it with your daily planning.

Data security

All your communication with slanck is protected via SSL - a standard for secure web apps. Your files are encrypted and only accessible by you.


Everybody loves to work in his native language - so you can do with slanck. If you are collaborating within international teams - everybody just uses his preferred language.

best practice methods as predefined grids

Eisenhower matrix

The Eisenhower matrix guides you on making decisions based on what is important and urgend. It is well suited for the personal organization and daily planning. The matrix has it's name from the former U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Eisenhower matrix

Scrum board

The Scrum board states a standard visualization in agile (development) projects and provides an overview on the sprint progress. It is typically used in the daily scrum, where all members of a scrum team share and update their status.
Scrum board

Prioritization matrix

The prioritization matrix guides you on making decisions based on the expected impact and effort. It is well for suited for e.g. Product Owners, Project Managers, Marketers etc. and helps generating value with an adequate effort.
Priority matrix


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