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    Stop maintaining tasks - start being focused!

    You know all that productivity tools and "checklist managers"? You put a lot of work into maintaining your tasks and finally you no longer see the wood for the trees or your effort exceeds the benefits? Let's change this and think task management from scratch. Simple, intuitive & fast. Making the life easier and concentrate on what is really important - this is the vision of slanck.

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  • Just another task management tool?

    The question is completely justified - I asked it myself again and again. I worked with a number of tools over years but I never was happy enough to stay longer than a few month. But why? Nearly all tools allow me to define my own structure, the support checklists, reminders etc. But what was always missing: a meaningful visual structure based on an adequate methodological approach. That's the key of slanck. The additional possibility of arranging tasks in descriptive quadrants within a matrix leads to a significantly better visibility of what is really important - the same effort produces much more value than before!

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October 3, 2018

  • SWOT Analyses: A new template for SWOT Analyses (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) was added.

February 25, 2018

  • Collaboration: You're now able to work together in teams. Invite your colleagues or friends to your projects and share your tasks by assigning them to the team members. It doesn't matter, whether they are already registered or not.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

February 18, 2018

  • ICS calendar integration: Synchronize all your deadlines with your regular calendar (e.g. in Outlook, Thunderbird or whatever you prefer).
  • Compability with mobile devices: Slanck can now be used on mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets via browser - no installation necessary! A separate mobile app is on the future roadmap.
  • Comprehensive UI facelift: E.g. more lightful, shortest possible path to all options, more space for content, focused on-demand side bars.
  • Filter for tags: The tasks in your projects can now easily be filtered by the assigned tags.
  • Personalization: Change your background!
  • Scrum board as a new predefined template.
  • Icons for project types: An icon on the project card shows you whether a project is organizated as a matrix or with horizontally aligned sections.
  • A clock: Slanck shows you your time, independently from your current position on the work.
  • Quick jump between projects: Only one click from one project to another.
  • Some minor bug fixes.


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